Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe?

Managing crypto assets, including NFTs, requires some degree of knowledge and care. The works available at -1 are no different. If you are not an expert, you can find some information about keeping your work safe by following best practices. Included below are some links for beginners:

What are Negative-One's fees?

The gallery takes a 25% commission on sales. Artists are not required to pay minting fees or consider “smart contracts” – 5% of that commission is attributed to the technical maintenance of the gallery and the other 20% is used towards operation costs and remuneration of gallery staff.

How does Negative-One work?

Unlike most “open” marketplaces, Negative-One is a gallery. As such it occupies itself with the minting, sale and promotion of its Artists and works – releasing Artists from the tedious task of shilling their artworks in anonymous marketplaces and social media.

Can I pay with fiat currency?

No. Transactions occur on Layer 1 of the Ethereum blockchain. Layer 1 NTFs are minted when the acquisition is completed, with the collector paying the “gas” fees for the Ethereum transaction.

I've purchased a work, can I resell it here?

Yes, you can. You can also resell any ERC-721 (your non-fungible token) on other platforms such as We have not permitted quick turnaround sales on -1 to discourage hoarding and "flipping" NFTs close to their release date. We want people to engage with the work. If you do want -1 to take care of reselling your work collected on -1, please get in touch with us here.

Who can submit artwork for consideration, and how?

The Negative-One portfolio is made up of generative, algorithmic or data-driven works, works with historical significance, and works of social or political commentary.

The artists we represent, and those we wish to represent, have either storied practices, or are newer artists whose potential for expression is evident.

If you wish to submit your work for consideration, please contact us with a brief presentation of yourself and sample of your artwork.

Once I purchase an NFT, do I own the copyright?

No, owernship of an NFT does not confer copyright of the artwork. Please contact the artist directly for any questions relating to copyright.