SS El Faro
Naomi B. Cook, 2021.

Expandium-Dragon, 2021
Pia Myrvold, Expandium-Dragon, 2021

George M. Chaikin, 1975, not for sale

George Chaikin, detail of a print, 1975, not for sale.

Negative-One is a purveyor of unique works and innovative editions.

As lifelong champions of digital art we intend to do our part to provide a safe-haven for collectors and the working Artists we represent, and to support and nurture their collections.

The recent widespread acceptance of NFTs as an assurance of deed and provenance provides Artists and collectors with a reliable technique of trade.

-1 aims to honor the long-standing tradition of dematerialized and purely digital art. We intend to build the gallery slowly, carefully, and scrupulously — with thoughtful choices about context, relationships and meaning.

We are not building a marketplace, we are building a gallery.