Pia Myrvold

Transforming Venus Spectrum, 2011

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Creation date: 2011-01-01

PiaMYrvoLD — TransformingVenusSpectrum, 2011

Transforming Venus, also know as Digital Venus, was among the first 12 moving sculptures presented in the digital mapping work FLOW — a work in motion, during the Venice Biennale 2011.

It has become an iconic Pia MYrvoLD image, as the work penetrates art history, back to the Venus of Willendorf, 30,000 years ago. With this reference the artist is asking:

“Who is VENUS today? In the last decades, mankind has mastered cloning, manipulating, and redesigning DNA, creating biomass and intelligent liaisons between machine and man. We can rent a womb and order online semen for next-day delivery by express mail. We are in a new era where our societies have changed the most fundamental historic principles. The digital VENUS is informing us about this.”

In the Venus Spectrum, the Venus figure spins a creation around her, more and more complex, until it explodes into freedom pixels, allowing the transformation and recreation of a new passage.
The sculptural form changes gradually color against a backdrop that also moves through the spectrum.