Naomi B. Cook

Midi Sketches

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Creation date: 2014-01-01

Midi Sketches is a continuation of a sound-based project called the Pianola Project. Both involve the musical interpretation of images into sound.

Midi Sketches, or MS melodic loops, was created using two processes, both involving Algorithmic drawing. The triptych; MS 2 (18, 16, 13, 6, 3), MS 5 (8.5, 6.5), and MS 8 (20, 18, 12.5, 10, 6) was created by an arbitrary horizontal line. This was followed by a procedure of mathematical elimination. Then it was styled in a fractal-inspired way relating to Benoit Mandelbrot's theory of noise. The diptych; MS 9 (KEY) and MS 10 (GEN) utilized a found midi track as inspiration. The track was reduced to a small section and used as the starting point, then followed by an interpretation into my own artistic language also relating to Benoit Mandelbrot’s theory of noise. Through a process of retro-engineering, the drawings were returned to sound using a new program designed by me specifically for this project. This computer program cycles through the artistic marks and busses them to any music software for further musical stylizing. The diptych still retains some qualities of the original score. Both were interpreted using the mathematical rules dictated by the Buffalo Conversion which is the basis of all Player Piano Rolls – the starting system for the Pianola project.